gettting back in the game

February 13, 2010

im gonna start something new this week maybe, with what i have left and what i can work with, free spirit frame, top tanked. i need a tank. i know the idea of what i want. just need the materials to make it. gonna build slow and do shit right. if i can remember how to work on things. i havent touched a moped in 5 months


slow, slow, slow, stop, stop, STOP, STOP

July 13, 2009

so the first time i took the all your maxi’s sux bike the front wheel must not have been tightened down enough so the break plate came out of place on the forks and spun my brake cable around the axle and snaped it, destroying a brand new brake cable, the NOS axle and bending the brake plate a little. i almost ran into a wall, good thing my back brake is the best brake ever.

well, i got this temp set up for chicago. its okay.

July 13, 2009

well i got the moped done, and riding, but i still have to work out small things.  i got this temp set up from the shop that i built for chicago. all my spectaculars:

65 metra!

15 bing!

i have no clue what jet combo!


high fives!

18×40 gearing!

blown out clutch!

deals on wheels.

July 8, 2009

so since i cant get the hott rims i want right now im gonnna settle on using these totally shitty (really nice) peugoet spokes.

they just needed a little bit of cleaning from sitting for 30 years,

2.25 savas put on by hand for cute happy no scratches!

oh, and a 40t puch sprocket with extra drilled holes because the spoke pattern on these wheels is fucking stupid

No mo’ Chicago fo’ me.

July 8, 2009

so i wont be able to get all my parts in line for me to make it to the rally, but at least this gives me some time to take it slow and build my bike right.

maxi maxi in the sanded painted stage of doom or something

July 4, 2009

so since i have been at austin mopeds i have aquired one of the worst maxi’s i have ever seen, so im gonna make it cool, so cool.

it was a newport that i had sanded completely down and made something awesome out of what i had, no money and bondo

i like the look of solid over the indents for decals

sweet fender chop and awesome looks of no fender crease, thing

so now i cant powdercoat it, but i sure can rattle can it!


this picture is smushed, gay


couple coats, couple are clear

looks sweet right? im proud, i guess

add some ebrs and some M bars and some powdercoated white robot swingarm we had laying around. POLINI SEAT

up to date now. gimme money for parts